Deposited PDB structures

Our laboratory has deposited to PDB more than 90 protein and DNA/RNA structures. Selected structures are presented below.
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Crystal structure of the parallel double-stranded helix of poly(A) RNA Download 4JRD
Crystal Structure of Parkin C-terminal RING domains Download 4K7D
Crystal Structure of Parkin Download 4K95
NMR Ensemble Of Methanobacterium Thermoautotrophicum Protein 1615 Download 1EIJ
Solution Structure Of The Truncated Pbx Homeodomain Download 1DU6
NMR Solution Structure Of A Chimeric Oligonucleotide Hairpin R(Ggac)D(Ttcg)2'F-A(Gtcc) Download 1FC8
Solution Structure Of The Pabc Domain Of Human Poly(A) Binding Protein Download 1G9L
Solution Structure Of The Archaeal Translation Elongation Factor 1 beta From Methanobacterium Thermoautotrophicum Download 1GH8
Solution Structure Of A 8.3 Kda Protein (Gene Mth1184) From Methanobacterium Thermoautotrophicum Download 1GH9
Chimeric RNA/DNA Hairpin Download 1HOQ
A tetrameric DNA structure with protonated cytosine. cytosine base pairs Download 225D
Solution Structure Of The Pdz2 Domain From Human Phosphatase Hptp1E Download 3PDZ
Chimeric Arabinonucleic Acid (Ana) Hairpin With Ana/RNA Hybrid Stem Download 1HO6