Laboratory members

Kalle Gehring (web page) - Professor, Head of Laboratory
Guennadi Kozlov (web page) - PhD, Research Associate
Tara Sprules (web page) - PhD-2002, Professional Associate
Veronique Sauvé - PhD, Research Associate
Marie Ménade - PhD, Research Associate
Maxim Isabelle - PhD, Research Associate
Meng Yang - PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Maiwenn Beaugrand - PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Marjan Seirafi - PhD-Student
Juliana Muñoz - PhD-Student
Daniel E. Calles Garcia - MSc, PhD-Student
Kathy Wong - PhD-Student
Tin Pan - MSc-Student
Seby (Yu) Chen - MSc-Student
Huizhi Zhang - PhD exchange student (China)

Curling Activity December, 2015

Lab photo in August, 2013

Lab photo in July, 2013

Lab photo in August, 2007

Lab photo in May, 2005

Lab photo in June, 2003

Former lab members
(with years of degrees awarded at our lab):

Jingwei Xie - PhD-2016
Crystal (Xinlu) Li - MSc-2015, law student Queen's University
Irina Gulerez - MSc-2015 (moved within Montreal)
Asparouh Lilov - MSc-2015 (moved within Montreal)
Angelika Rosenauer - MSc, Research Assistant / Technician
Sameer Al-Abdul-Wahid - PhD, Post-Doctoral Fellow (moved to Oxford, OH)
Nozhat Safaee - PhD-2013 (moved to Boston, MA)
Roohi Vinaik - MSc-2013 (moved within Montreal)
Sara Bastos - MSc-2013 (moved to John Hopkins University)
Edna Matta-Camacho - PhD-2012 (moved within Montreal)
Harshit Pande - MSc-2012 (moved to India)
Jean-Francois Trempe - MSc-2002, PhD, CIHR Post-Doctoral Fellow (moved within Montreal)
Richard Marcellus - PhD, Research Associate (moved to Toronto, ON)
Sebastian Murphy - MSc (moved to Baltimore, MD)
Philippe Robitaille-Foucher - MSc (moved within Montreal)
Simon Azeroual - MSc (moved within Montreal)
Alexey Denisov - PhD (moving within Montreal)
Henrietta Parnas - MSc (moving within Montreal)
Christian Dabrowski - MSc-2009 (moved within Montreal)
Liu Qian - PhD (moved to Waterloo)
Keisuke Shikimi - MSc (moved to Japan)
Tudor Moldoveanu - PhD (moved to Memphis, TN)
Marta Bachetti - BSc (moved within Montreal)
David Cotnoir-White - MSc-2006 (moved within Montreal)
Nura Mansur-Azzam - PhD (moved within Montreal)
Christopher Young - MSc-2005 (moved within Montreal)
Ekaterina Pomerantseva - MSc-2005 (moved to Moscow, Russia)
Nadeem Siddiqui - MSc-2001, PhD-2006 (moved within Montreal)
Pablo Gutierrez - PhD-2005 (moved to Medellin, Colombia)
Demetra Elias - MSc (moved within Montreal)
Laurent Volpon - PhD (moved within Montreal)
Michael Osborne - PhD (moved within Montreal)
Li Yan - MSc-2004 (moved to San-Francisco, CA)
Christophe Deprez - PhD (moved within Montreal)
Chantal Pare - MSc (moved within Montreal)
Nadia Lim Shan - MSc-2004 (moved to Marseille, France)
Grzegorz Finak - MSc-2002 (moved within Montreal)
Stephane Coillet - MSc-2002 (moved to Geneva, Switzerland)
Marianne Fillion - MSc (moved within Montreal)
Steven Smith - PhD (moved to Kingston, ON)
Natalia Beglova - PhD-1999 (moved to Boston, MA)
Roscoe Klinck - PhD (moved to Cambridge, UK)
Andrew Nong - MSc (moved within Montreal)
Xiaochen Zhang - MSc-1997 (moved to Toronto, ON)